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The Devil’s Lieutenant

In the blink of an eye, Michael loses his family. As his life spirals out of control with grief, he is presented with the possibility that their souls might be trapped in Hell. Thus begins an unimaginable and nightmarish journey to rescue his family from the depths of Hell, with the Devil as the puppet master pulling his strings.
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Escape From Hell

In the sequel to “The Devil’s Lieutenant,” Michael rides again. He may have discovered a loophole that will allow him to break his allegiance to Satan and finally be reunited with his family. But at what cost? He begins yet another nightmarish journey, perhaps even more heart-breaking than his last, as he seeks redemption and a chance to hold his wife and his son in his arms once again.
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Everything you need to know about Shervin Jamali is here; well almost everything
I am a husband, a father and a writer; the allocation of said roles depends on the hour of each day

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until recently that it just seemed to click. I've had stories locked away, but suddenly, and unexpectedly, they now need to get out. I completed the first draft of "The Devil's Lieutenant" in just two months, and that was as a result of writing when I had the opportunity to do so. My 8-5 job and family still came first. I look forward to the day when I can be a full time writer who can take my children to school, pick them up and chauffeur them to various activities, with a healthy dose of writing in between. I believe that day might be right around the corner.

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The future is so bright that I have to wear shades!

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